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Panasonic Toughbook
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Free Standard UK Delivery (+44) 0345-4591657

All brand new Toughbooks and Toughpads come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty as standard.

​​​​​​​Product Sourcing

We can source both old and new Panasonic Toughbook Laptops, Parts & Accessories for the following Panasonic Toughbook models :

CF-07, CF-08  CF-18, CF-19, CF-20, CF-25, CF-27, CF-28, CF-29, CF-30, CF-31, CF-33, CF-37, CF-M34, CF-41, CF-45, CF-47, CF-48, CF-50, CF-51, CF-52, CF-53, CF-54, CF-71, CF-72, CF-73, CF-74, CF-W4, CF-W5, CF-W7, CF-W8, CF-Y2, CF-Y4, CF-Y5, CF-Y7, CF-T1, CF-T2, CF-T4, CF-T5, CF-T7, CF-T8, CF-P1 PDA, CF-P2 Phone, CF-U1 (UMPC), CF-H1, CF-H1 Field, CF-H2 Health, Toughpad FZ-A1, FZ-G1, JT-B1, FZ-B1, FZ-B2, FZ-M1, FZ-N1, FZ-E1 & FZ-F1.

If the model of Panasonic Toughbook you are looking for is not shown above, please get in touch with us by phone with your requests. Telephone: (+44) 0345-4591657.


Panasonic Toughbooks are built with a magnesium case which helps to prevent the computer from being damaged if it is dropped. They are designed with shock absorbing devices to protect the hard drive and other components that can easily be damaged from impacts / vibrations. 

Furthermore, Toughbooks are built to be water / moisture resistant, for example the port covers also help to protect the machine against moisture (along with dust and debris) and the LCD screens are specially sealed to protect against rain and moisture as you work out in the field. 

When you need a laptop that can withstand almost anything (whilst also helping to protect your critical data), a Toughbook may be the solution you are looking for. We can help you choose the model that is just right for your industry / working requirements - call us today on (+44) 0345-4591657